Clinical Services

Dr. Mudrak has helped many couples become pregnant. She does this by restoring men and women's normal reproductive function to enhance fertility utilizing one or more of these clinical services:

Reproductive Acupuncture
  1. Acupuncture to revitalize your reproductive health by strongly coursing the qi (vital energy) and blood through your reproductive system to optimize hormone levels, reproductive function and integrate body and mind to achieve a healthy pregnancy;

  2. Traditional Chinese Herbology - also to revitalize your reproductive health by influencing hormone balance, regulating menstruation, promoting ovulation, endometrial growth and receptivity (in women) and sperm count, morphology and motility (in men) also to achieve a healthy pregnancy;

  3. Stress Management - to relax your mind and restore your body's stress hormone levels to a healthy balance ("homeostasis") so your body will more readily accept and nourish a healthy pregnancy;

  4. Nutriceutical therapies - to correct nutritional imbalances that affect your fertility according to the principles of Functional Medicine;

  5. Chiropractic -to restore your body's bio-mechanical integrity so you can more readily achieve and maintain a health pregnancy and prepare for a smooth delivery;

  6. Natural Clinical Pharmacy - Dr. Mudrak maintains a natural pharmacy of the nutraceutical products, herbal formulas and medical foods that are critical for promoting fertility at the Reproductive Acupuncture Center for your convenience. Direct shipments may also be arranged for patients needing home delivery; and

  7. Lifestyle and dietary recommendations - to improve your overall health and well being, also so you can more readily achieve and maintain a healthy pregnancy.