Hope, Health and a Baby

Natural, effective and affordable reproductive healthcare from Dr. Laura Mudrak gives hope, help and better health to men and women wanting to get pregnant and have a baby. 

Dr. Laura Mudrak, D.C., L.Ac.
Dr. Laura Mudrak, L.Ac., D.C.

Dr. Mudrak successfully promotes full term pregnancy and the development of healthy babies by boosting the fertility and reducing stress for the hopeful "parents to be". Dr. Mudrak does this through accurate diagnosis and a holistic approach integrating reproductive acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutraceutical therapy, chiropractic and vital life style choices. Infertility is often a temporary condition that can be changed with the dedication of Dr. Mudrak at the Reproductive Acupuncture Center who is committed to help you achieve a healthy pregnancy at an affordable cost.

Whether reproductive acupuncture is the primary treatment, or performed in conjunction with assisted reproductive technology (ART), this safe, non-invasive protocol should be considered by any woman who wants to have a baby.

Dr. Mudrak diagnoses and treats each person as a unique individual, in body and mind, to unlock their potential for health, fertility and childbearing. Harmonizing a woman's menstrual cycles, supporting ovulation, encouraging uterine receptivity and psychological wellbeing promotes pregnancy and successful childbearing for a woman. For a man, this means addressing the health of his semen, reducing stress and invigorating his mental, emotional, and sexual vitality.

Reproductive acupuncture is best used to promote pregnancy in cases of: